Welcome to COCO Hair Design, a fresh and unique approach to hairdressing, putting your needs first, creating extraordinary hair styles by acknowledging what you want and keeping things simple in an elegant and adept way.

Founded in 2009, by Kelly and Rachel, COCO is the pinnacle of how hairdressing can, and should be. Charlotte joined the team in 2012 and quickly became part of the core of COCO, working and pushing forward to achieve their goals; next level customer care and an unrivalled hairdressing experience.

The team have worked extremely hard to create a space where they blend conviviality and professionalism.  Making an environment where clients can truly ‘switch off’. Be swept away to a sensory filled salon of care, warmth and relaxation.  We believe that hairdressing starts with YOU. We have taken the approach to ensure you are heard. On arrival, catch up with your hairdresser, greeted as a friend you will instantly feel at ease at COCO. A consultation will take place where you are free to explain what you want. Hot and cold drinks are available taking you to a new level of relaxation.  Our eye for detail and quality means we only give you the best, using only the top products, we leave you feeling pampered, fresh and fully relaxed. All aspects of our care make the COCO experience stand out from the day to day hairdressing appointments you are used to.

Kelly, Rachel and Charlotte are at the top of their game. Working with Paul Mitchell, Wella and Goldwell Elumen to provide hair care of superiority for you. The salon stays up to date in training techniques and products which enables us to have a solution for every hair design.

When you experience COCO you know that you have been valued as a client, guest and friend. You are part of our ideology to provide vision, beauty and togetherness.

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